Commission a PortraitJamesgpa

Initially I like to have an informal discussion as an opportunity to explore your ideas for the portrait. Once details such as pose, expression, finish material and presentation have been developed I will offer a quote specific to your requirements and a sitting can be arranged to take place at my London studio or somewhere more convenient for you.

During the first sitting I will take photographs and precise measurements. The portrait will be started using this information and I will arrange further sittings as the sculpture progresses. It is difficult to say exactly how many further sittings will be required but usually one or two is sufficient. Comparing the clay with the model and working directly from life highlights subtleties that photographs can never show; it is also nice to have time to interact with the model which helps me to reflect their character in the sculpture.

When the clay portrait is finished I will seek your approval before going on to the next stage. It is then moulded and a wax copy is made and sent to the foundry to be cast into bronze.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait or have any questions about what the process would entail please feel free to contact me.

James A. Matthews